Clinton on Clinton

About the CD


We are proud to be able to showcase Clinton’s music on his flutes at long last. This project has been a labor of love and we hope you will want to take a listen to some lovely music that has been rediscovered and will hopefully take its place in the canon of flute repertoire!

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Music of John Clinton (1809-1864) performed on flutes of his design and manufactured by Clinton & Co.

Andra Bohnet – flute

Adrian Duncan – guitar, mandolin, vocals

Robert Holm – piano

Wilbur Moreland – clarinet

Beth Orson – piano (4 & 11)

David Hughes – bodhran (9)

Track List

(click on red examples for sound clips)

1. Le Bijou de Salon: Andante and Allegro for Flute and Piano, Op. 53

2. The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow/The Legacy/Noresnkeesta/The Skittish Maid

3. Cavatinas or Songs Without Words: No. 6 in D, Op. 97, No. 3 

4. Dolly, the Dancing Dairy Maid

5. Grand Duo Concertante for Flute and Clarionet, Op. 43

6. La Polka du Salon: Bagatelle for Flute and Pianoforte Concertante, Op. 85

7. Lough Sheeling/Saint Patrick was a Gentleman/Peas Upon a Trencher/

  1. Sports in the Hay Rick/Burn the May Bush

8. Napolitaine Fantasia

9. The Cry of Gallen/I’m the Boy for Bewitching Them/Charming Judy Brallahan/The Lasses of Sligo

10. Second Grand Trio for Three Flutes, Op. 9 – IV. Finale: Allegro moderato

11. Paddy Jonah or The Whale that Swallowed an Irishman

12. Eulalie Fantasia, Op. 118

13. Girls Have You Seen George?/The Hare in the Corner/The Fingalians Dance/Captain Paddy